Tapas, bar and restaurant in Copenhagen

Should the menu be on an exciting tapas bar for your next event? We offer catering for eg events, buffet and receptions.

We are happy to help you put together the menu, which you can enjoy at our restaurant or at home. Tapas with a wide range of flavors and textures are the obvious choice when you need to have many guests. Delicacies for everyone’s taste buds.

We also have beautiful and spacious function rooms in which you can hold your event.

What is tapas?

​Tapas are (thankfully) an inevitable and very popular part of Spanish cuisine.

The name covers a number of small dishes, so you have the opportunity to get a lot of taste experiences.

​With us, tapas are small cold and hot dishes Spanish “omelette”, squid, shrimp with garlic, meatballs, cuts of fish, poultry, veal, lamb and beef with sauces and small salads.​

The selection varies according to what we have fresh in the fridge during the season.

A menu of 10 dishes

  • Snacks
  • Two kinds of seafood with accompanying salad, dip and a little more
  • Three good cuts of meat with accessories and carbohydrate (one cold and two warm)
  • Something sweet

We also have a great selection of vegetarian dishes and we can put together the menu just according to your wishes.

Our selection of wine, cava, sherry, beer and cocktails are created for tapas.

Ask for our current selection of wine and tapas in the restaurant.

Tapas for you

We are a tapas restaurant and wine bar located ​close to Forum in Frederiksberg. We offer delicious Tapas and good wines.

We make an effort to serve good wine and the best tapas in town.
We are located in Frederiksberg with Nørrebro and Indre By with all the cultural offerings as neighbors.
Come and say hello and go home happy..

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