Catering for big or small events

Takeaway for your arrangements

At Temporada Tapas & Winebar can you taste tapas that you have never tried before. Tapas is perfect for both bigger and smaller events, therefore we naturally offer catering for your events. Example given, it can be the obvious alternative for the traditional new years menu or christmas party. Likewise it is a popular choice for birthdays, studentparty, receptions and weddings. We offer catering for all kind of events at Frederiksberg and all of Copenhagen, both at Nørrebro as well as the inner city.

Quick and easy food ready for serving

Our food for parties, will be delivered in our own porcelain dishes, so it will be ready for immediate serving. The only thing you have to do, is to remove the cling film and put food on the table. You can also choose our servingspackage, this also contains disposable cutlery, spears, sticks with handle, baskets, and whatever else you will need for tapas. With this package you wont have to buy or lend cutlery to serve all your guests.

Menu for your festive arrangements

​Tapas is a good choice for standing events as well as seated/relaxed events, where you can serve ”finger food”. You will find examples of our tapas here, where you can read about the opportunity to have your events held at our place, if you dont have the space for it at home.

We will also gladly give advice and ideas for the menu and drinks, snacks and everything else. You can contact us, lets talk about wishes, allergies and preferences, the we will help set up a menu, made for you.

Contact and order catering

You are welcome to contact the company for more information about prices or an offer for your exact event.

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