Spanish Christmas & Classic New Year

Christmas menu

Large green olives Corn chips – eggplant compote

King prawns in garlic and white wine – fried leek

Baked Christmas salad in sherry – dehydrated grapes

Crispy croquettas on bacalao (cod)

Middle course:
Fried serrano ham with crunch and reduced red wine vinegar

Main courses:
Glazed turkey – pickled courgettes – fried kale

Salt baked potatoes – aioli

Spicy lamb culotte – parsley roots – romesco puree

Almond cake on harina – chocolate foam – winter fruit

Price 399,-

The menu is served in weeks 48, 49, 50 & 51

New Year’s menu 2023 at Temporada

Crispy chips with dip

Salted New Year’s cod fried on coarse corn grits

Mandarin and kale salad in sherry sauce topped with toasted almonds

Breaded squid and herbal mayo

Middle course:
Dry-salted bacon from a Danish product, rolled in large dates mizuna and crispy sunflower

Main courses:
Balotine on poultry and serrano ham on celery and baked oven-baked Jerusalem artichokes

Butter-fried potato terrine and crunch

Medallion of beef fillet on strong manchego sauce w. dehydrated beetroot and sweet parsley puree

Belgian chocolate mousse with berry compote crunch

16:00 – 18:00 – Price 749,-
21:00 – Close – Price849,-

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