Elo’s menu

See the menu below.

Elo’s menu

We also have a large selection of vegetarian options and can adapt to a different menu to accommodate vegetarians and vegans.


  • Crackers and olives
  • Sourdough bread with a hint of garlic


  • Pan-fried salmon on cornmeal – pomegranate – seaweed
  • Poached cauliflower in mostaza sauce – soaked cranberries – almonds
  • Tiger prawns in panko – herb mayo


  • Grilled veal loin – marinated plums – roasted seeds

Main courses

  • Balotine on poultry and serano ham – mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and pimento
  • Potato tortilla – smoked paprika aioli
  • Ripe chorizo – new beans – courgettes


  • Caramelized apple crumble trifle – dulce de leche cream

The dishes are served in several courses according to your needs.

Bread throughout dinner.

  • Price 399 kr.
  • Out of the house 279 kr.
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Our wines and drinks

We support Danish small wine merchants and have put together a wine list from the best Spanish regions.