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At Temporada Tabasbodega we have a large selection of delicious Spanish tapas. See our menu for larger and smaller tapas receptions below. We deliver tapas for receptions and other events throughout Copenhagen and in Frederiksberg.

Tapas dishes s​uitable​ for receptions, table buffet, barsnacks and more

  • Empanadas, vegetable compote
  • Crispy wheat kernels on sourdough and nigella seeds
  • Oven-dried tomato, mozzarella on skewers
  • Marinated scallion, on skewers, sherry vinaigrette
  • Pearl barley, mizuna, herbs
  • Wraps tower, vegetarian
  • Balotine on saithe, black seaweed
  • Rimmed salmon, dairy cream, dill
  • Quenelles on white fish, basil, aioli
  • Gambas, confit garlic, toasted rye bread
  • Pickled mushrooms, rosemary, garlic
  • Grill-fried seasonal greens, olive oil, sea salt
  • Egg muffins, potatoes, herbs
  • Potato balls rolled in toasted sunflower seeds
  • Cold marinated gnocchi, olive tapenade
  • Polenta, thyme, onion compote
  • Terrine on oxtails, apricot
  • Croquettes on poultry, pimento chutney
  • Croquettes on lamb, ravigotte cream
  • Pickled beef thighs, ravigotte cream
  • Chocolate mousse in small cups, nut crumble
  • Trifli on season fruit, dolce de leche, baked puff pastry
  • World-class manchego, juniper
  • Breaded blue mold, sweet fruit compote

The portion tapas that is right to go to

Our tapas for receptions can be enjoyed without cutlery and plate. We are happy to guide you with regard to side dishes, serving, etc ..
PS: Order well in advance. Several of the dishes are not on the à la carte menu.

Roasted pinchos / canapes contains:

​Meat or fish on the base of toast, rye bread, crusted bread or puff pastry – with sauce and accessories such as aioli, salsa, chutney, relish, mousse, dairy cream or stirred fresh cheese.


Tortilla crackers, grissini, crispy puff pastry, large olives, salt-roasted almonds, pickled mini snack peppers, stalk capers, etc.

Hear more about our receptions

Contact us by phone 35 35 15 15 or e-mail: If you have questions about our tapas dishes, or if you need to hold a larger event.

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